• About Zhik System

    Zhik System co. by two brand, first brand is “Zhik Cert” for audit management system include of ISO 9001، ISO 14001& ISO 3834 accredited by NACI (National Accreditation Center of Iran) provide services of audit and issue certification, plus for other standard as ISO 22000, ISO 45001,ISO 50001, ISO 27001&ISO 37001 able to audit by IAS (International Accreditation Services)
    Second brand is “Zhik Academy” for training management system as; requirement, internal audit, lead auditioning (corporation with IRCA) of management system standard, Strategic, quality tools, excellence model

  • ZhikSys Policy

    The success mystery this company is in different offering services in audits train of management system and achieving them by: respect the royalty profession adopted to regular, standards specially ISO 17021 and ac-creditor boy gaining more proportion of market.
    Stain of customer satisfaction and continues relationship with them. Introducing the new standard & services, using qualification, follower stuff, auditors, and educator for continual improvement of the system I ask our colleagues to follow above mission and declare their constituent suggestions.

    ZhikSys Policy

  • Infinity Improvement with Zhik Sys co.

    Zhik Sys “Infinity Improvement ” is our motto and always be partner for customer to demonstrate improvement ways and change on Continual Improvement Way.
    The main difference of Zhik Sys. Are:

    • Strong Resume
    • Modern Approach
    • Experience Auditor
    • Experience Tutor
    • Detection of improvement point
    • Severity Accredited